Christians and Politics

Christians and politics. Even among people of the same religion, there will be disagreement over political issues. There aren’t always “blatantly Christian” answers or opinions to be had over political issues. Sometimes there are very clear instructions in the Bible for issues, but more often than not it’s vague and Christians have to go off of what they believe to be right by their faith. The following are my top five political issues of the moment, I am a Christian and I take my faith into great consideration when forming my opinion on these political debates, but I am just one person and my opinion could be very different from the next.

1)      Abortion

Pro life? Or Pro Choice? One of the most hotly debated topics among Christian circles is abortion. Most agree that life begins at conception, even scientists who aren’t specifically Christian will agree with this fact. (This blog has some interesting information on the subject so logically, abortion is the murder of a child. The Bible and the morals of the majority of people are in agreement that murder is wrong. So abortion should be as well. As for rape? Yes, it’s a despicable crime, but so is murder. Don’t punish a child for the crime of its parent. I am firmly of the opinion that abortion is murder and thus firmly against abortion.

2)      Sex education

Sometimes in the heat of the debates over abortion, the economy, illegal immigrants etc, the topic of Sex education is lost. Now, there are many different opinions on sex education, particularly on the concept of abstinence only education (for a forum of people discussing varying opinions go to I believe in abstinence, totally and completely. The need for abstinence is clearly laid out in the Bible.  However, just because people are taught abstinence does in no way mean people will adhere to that principle. I think just the subject of sex education in general is very important, many schools teach abstinence only and leave parents to teach students what exactly they are abstaining from. However I think that sex education should be offered to students because many parents don’t properly inform their children on the subject. In these cases the students are left to teach themselves through google, experience or whatever else they find.  So I think it should be taught in school, along with the pros to abstinence and how to be safe. That’s the part many Christians have problems with, the safety part. We should try to implement a system for teaching abstinence as well as teaching safe sex, not because we want kids to know how to be safe in case they decide to ignore the abstinence part (well, yes because of that, but not just that) but because, what if they’re poorly educated and don’t want to get pregnant until a few years after they are married? Someone should teach them how to do that.

3)      Gay Marriage

Another heavily debated topic is Gay marriage. Should it be legal? I personally think that yes, it should. Whether or not it is right or a choice or in agreement with Christianity is a whole other discussion that isn’t relevant at the moment. The simple question being should it be legal should be answered as a yes. many Christians say that it is a sin and should be illegal. Even if it is a sin, it would be wrong to make it illegal. As long as it is not hurting anyone and is between consensual adults, it should be legal. Christians can’t regulate things like that. If it is a sin let people make the choice to sin. If it’s not a sin, great! Legalize it! If it is, still legalize it! We can’t make people be Christians and we can’t make people conform to our ideas of right and wrong, because that wouldn’t be true agreement, it would be forced.

4)      Gun Control

The topic of gun control is difficult to approach. (Interesting opinions  In light of tragedies recently it’s become an extremely hot topic. I don’t know much about guns, I don’t know much about crime rates. I do know that there have been a lot of crimes recently involving guns. I also know that many have been thwarted by citizens with conceal and carry, in one case that I specifically remember an off duty cop prevented a gun tragedy with the assistance of their personal weapon. I think that the “bad guys” will always find weapons and so why should we be stripped of ours? The Bible tells us to defend ourselves and our families (check this out I think that we should have gun control meaning we’re more careful about who we give guns to and the selling/purchasing/ permits process. But I don’t think we should limit law abiding citizens from protecting themselves.

5)      War on Drugs

The war on drugs. This one I don’t have much to say on. The Bible says that our bodies are temples and that we should take care of them, drugs do not do so. Either because drugs cause people to do stupid things or because they are harmful to a person they are still damaging and go against taking care of the temple that is our body. Therefore I’m all for the war on drugs. I want drugs to be gone from availability for recreational use.

A political leader that fits the bill for my current view of political issues is difficult to think of. I fully admit that I haven’t been very observant when it comes to politics. I don’t know who is out there and what they stand for. I know that especially after writing this, I’ll be paying much more careful attention to these things. I do remember that Tim Pawlenty had many things that I agree with, especially his policies on sexual offenders. So I’d have to say that if I had to pick a political leader to stand with it would be him.T paw


One thought on “Christians and Politics

  1. reginamott says:

    I also found it difficult to chose a political leader because I’m not sure there is someone I completely agree on with everything. Nice job stating your opinions and taking the Bible basically as your main source.

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